Professional Show Dog Photography

by Alexandra Gav

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Natural Light. Always.

Dogs are children of nature, and as such they look best when highlighted by natural light. When taking photos of dogs, I never use artificial lighting. Sunshine or overcast, nobody can replicate the complexity of Mother Nature's spectrum. Shooting in natural lighting is an important part of my photo style.

An Eye For A Dog. A Must.

Without understanding canine structure, even the most talented photographer will fail to deliver good results. As a dog person through and through, my strength is knowing how to position the dog, how to angle the camera, and when to click the trigger to make them look as close to the breed standard as possible.

Highlight Virtues. Don't Hide Faults.

Instead of attempting to hide faults, I focus on highlighting the virtues of each of my subjects. My objective it to make them look their absolute best by calling attention to their star quality traits while allowing their faults to disappear into background. I allow their best qualities to speak for themselves and make the dog shine!


Selection of my recent work


Types of photosessions you can schedule with me

Show Dog Portfolio

Head studies and body photos for your show dog. With or without a handler. Ideal for magazine ads, magazine covers, brochures, promotion on websites and social media, as well as for high quality art prints or canvas.

Kennel Group

Groups of related dogs, whether by bloodline or household, often with breeder, owner, and/or handler in the photo. Perfect for ads and online display, Christmas cards, and just a wonderful keepsake. 

Litter Promotion

Stacked photos and heads for every puppy in the litter, as well as a group shot. Absolutely invaluable for advertising your puppies online and in print, finding show homes, and for recording your breed improvement efforts.


How to schedule a photosession for your dogs

Four Options For Photosessions

You can bring your dogs to Greensboro North Carolina for a photo shoot. We can use a variety of locations within and just outside the city depending on the background and style you prefer. Please contact me to schedule.

I can travel to your location for a private or group photo session. Popular option for clubs and breeders who can pool a large number of dogs together, as well as for owners of current TOP-20 contenders. Please contact me to find out my availability.

From time to time I am available at dog shows and can schedule a photo shoot for your dogs. Please contact for my schedule.

Starting at 25 dogs, if there is enough interest from people in your breed, I can come to your Nationals. Please contact.


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